Proxy problem: I am proxing ionic 4.12 project => ionic 3's proxy project. Meaning using 2 proxies. I want to rely only on 1 proxy. How to solve that?


I am currently developing on an ionic 4.12 project and the proxy there gives me hard time.

So i decided to create an ionic 3 app and use its proxy which works great.

So basically the ionic 4 proxy points to ionic 3 proxy localhost:8101, which points to the website api url.

The ionic 4 uses proxy.conf.json:

“/api/*”: {
“target”: “http://localhost:8101/”,
“changeOrigin”: true,
“secure”: false,
“logLevel”: “debug”

ionic 3 (ionic.conf.json):
“name”: “app”,
“integrations”: {},
“type”: “ionic-angular”,
“proxies”: [
“path”: “/api”,
“proxyUrl”: “

I am using pouchdb over couchdb server.

How to make 1 proxy only using ionic 4 with proxy.conf.json?

I am also getting CORS error. I have subscribed to ionic studio but blocked at this moment because this hasn’t be resolved yet.