Ionic 4 proxies not working for Cors issue

I’m trying to fix fix the Cors issue using the proxies solution but it’s seems that my app doesn’t recognize the proxy.

here is my ionic.config.json :
“name”: “Allo Mealem”,
“integrations”: {
“cordova”: {},
“capacitor”: {}
“type”: “angular”,
“proxies”: [
“proxyUrl”: “http://localhost:8000/api

And here is the post request that I’m sending to my backend :

login(emaill: string, passwordd: string) {

  { email: emaill, password: passwordd}


and that’s the message I get in the console :
“Http failure response for http://localhost:8100/api/auth/login: 404 Not Found”

anyone knows how to fix this problem ?

Thanks in advance.

Is the path correct?

I haven’t used proxies, so not sure how they are meant to work, but the error indicates the path is incorrect?

Are you using a HTTP rest client program to test the api, e.g. or postman?

Yes I have tested all the routes of my API using postman and everything is working fine, and for the proxy I followed exactly the tutorials in the internet but it’s not working for me

What are you using in backend?