vs Pulse Platform vs Estimote sdk

for an iBeacon based Marketing App with Geofences using Estimote beacons,
what is the real advantage when using or Pulse Platform, instead of the Estimote SDK?

The Estimote SDK supports Geofencing, so why not simply use the Estimote SDK?

Any insights are highly appreciated.


I am from, so this is obviously not an objective answer.

To summarize, the benefits of using over the pure Estimote SDK are:

  • ability to connect very easily beacons with other location data sources (native positioning, geomagnetic positioning)
  • controlling floor plans and location inputs with visual tools over real-word maps
  • creating geofences with visual tools (polygon geofences coming before the end of the year!)
  • ability to control the “actions” on the could. We have a very flexible Node RED -based tool for creating rich action flows. Can include switches, integrations to 3rd party APIs, push messages, mobile content delivery etc…
  • We have extensive support for large projects, including geographic filtering of geofences to nearby areas, battery drainage control, open REST API for sending and retrieving information…

And lastly,

  • Our SDK creates a random unique identifier for each mobile device. that gives you the possibility to calculate dwell times, recognize paths, and indentify regularly visited places for individual users.

That being said, we only support iBeacon and Eddystone standards, so it is not possible to use Estimote stickers with our platform.

We’ll be happy to give you a tour of our platform, just send an email to!