Indoor Positioning System

have any of you guys implement indoor positioning system inside device? do share on how its works since i need to do a deep study on this.

I done a little small search and probably can be done with beacon and this cordova plugin:

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I believe you would need to mimic the Estimote indoor positioning system (SDK). As far as I know the Estimote SDK App provides you with a matrix of numbers (set of quotations) you copy&paste into your app and you are done. You solutions should follow their approach. Register (write down) 4+ iBeacons, place them on the walls and start collecting the data. Once you have enough data you should come up with a quotation(s) that will read your actual iBeacon readings and spit out the X,Y positions.
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can i know are the beacon is compatible with any beacon or only compatible with their product?
thank you in advance

Sorry for being idle. As to to my knowledge there is an industry standard that means that everything that has iBeacon logo should work (even the Chinese clones should). Other buzzword you can encounter is Eddystone, which is kinda extension to the iBeacon. To be short Apple iBeacon broadcasts “It’s me; my #UID is 555-whatever, here is the telemetry, process it”, Eddystone shouts the same + a preprogrammed URI which pushes the envelope towards the Physical web


i see. i’ve done a few research on this topic. there are a few approaches and two of it is by using ibeacon and also by using wifi signal strength and right now im still do a deep research + will try to make my iphone to be ibeacon to test. will update later. thanks guys.

im using 3 beacons in order to find the x,y and z coordinates. so i can get a new location via beacons location and distance. thank you guys for the heads up. now i need to compile everything into one.

Hi, i am developing an indoor navigation app. For now i am searching about indoor gps and routing, do you have any post about your solution? Or could you help me for how can i do it