Prompting the user to save an image


i’m dynamically downloading images following a buttom click and saving them in the /files folder of my app.

What’s the best way to immediately prompt the user with the default OS app to save the image in their gallery, wherever they want?

Normally i’d go with the Ionic Native file opener but it’s not working in this case, i can’t even build my app if i try to include the file-opener plugin. Apparently it’s a common issue of the plugin at the moment.

Anyways, how to accomplish this without using the native file-opener plugin?

In case you found this thread through google - don’t panic, i found a solution even though it doesn’t prompt the user to save the file: it just saves the file in a pre-defined directory (in this case, the global images directory), not sure how good it is, for more info visit this thread (where more folks will surely address how correct the solution is): How to download stuff now that transfer-file is deprecated?