How to save a picture taken to local storage


Hello guys,

I built a camera function using Ionic 3 native camera plugin.
Now it turns on camera when I click on a button assigned to camera function but I don’t know how to save this using file plugin… any idea?
Is there any guide on how to save a picture taken to local storage?
I found a few tutorials on google but they all seem to be outdated & based on Ionic 2.

As of now, it takes a picture but doesn’t give me an option to save. I thought android will give me this option automatically but it doesn’t.

Thanks, below are my codes.

Here are my imports

import { Camera, CameraOptions } from '@ionic-native/camera';
import { File } from '@ionic-native/file';
import { Transfer, TransferObject } from '@ionic-native/transfer';
import { FilePath } from '@ionic-native/file-path';

declare var cordova: any;

TS constructor

export class CameraPage {

  image: string;
  cameraImage : string;
  lastImage: string = null;
  loading: Loading;
  public base64Image: string;

  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController,
    private inAppBrowser: InAppBrowser,
    private socialSharing: SocialSharing,
    private sharingVar: SocialSharing,
    private camera: Camera,
    private transfer: Transfer, 
    private file: File, 
    private filePath: FilePath, 
    public actionSheetCtrl: ActionSheetController, 
    public toastCtrl: ToastController, 
    public platform: Platform, 
    public loadingCtrl: LoadingController) {


and camera function

        async pictureFromCamera() {
          const options: CameraOptions = {
            quality: 100,
            correctOrientation: true,
            saveToPhotoAlbum: true
        async takePhoto(options: CameraOptions) {
          try {
            const result = await;
            this.image = 'data:image/jpeg;base64,${result}'
          catch (e) {


add this will probably save your picture in your device.


You’re right. It’s actually saving the photo and this code is working fine.

Thanks for reminding me that.


Take picture and check it in your album.


Right, I was thinking I need another lengthy function from file plugin to make that work… it’s already working.