Problems hiding the statusbar on iPad (Ionic view app)

Hey guys, I’m having some problems with hiding the statusbar at iPad’s.
I tried following guide:
And this also hides the statusbar in the emulator but then I use the Ionic View app, the statusbar still appears.

I’m using following in my app run:

$ionicPlatform.ready(function() {

As mentioned I’m only experiencing the problem then I’m viewing the app, in Ionic View. My question is therefore if some of you guys successfully has hidden the statusbar in both emulator and Ionic View app?


For my experiance inguess no plugin work in ionic view.
I tested camera, barcode, ble, network inappbrowser…

I dont know what i do wrong… Did you try other plugins that work?

I think you’re right, I just tried the network $cordovaNetwork and this also fails at the Ionic View but works without any problems in the emulator.

I mentioned this in some other post. dont know where, but there they say plugins work…

I beleve they do not!
Could anybody double check this???