Problem with view transitions with a hidden navbar

Thanks in advance for all the help. I’ve had many of my newbie questions answered by googling, but no luck on this one.

I have a navbar in my app, but it is hidden in the login view. The problem is that once you transition to another view, it briefly “unhides” the navbar and shifts all the elements downwards 44 pixels to do so. Then it shifts to the left as it animates the transition to the next scene. So the animation is “down, then left”. How do I get rid of the down part?

Things I’ve tried:

  1. making a fake navbar. But the view transition unhides the real navbar above my fake navbar and still shifts the fake navbar and everything else down.
  2. Tried the above with absolute positioning on the theory that the real navbar would be unhidden directly on top of my fake navbar. But that didn’t work.
  3. In this thread one user had a solution that looks like it creates a fake navbar with absolute positioning but uses the css pseudo-class ion-view.pane:before. But that didn’t work for me. The real navbar was still unhidden above the fake navbar.
  4. Played around with iOS vs Android transition. No luck.

Any ideas?