Problem with sideMenu

I am having a bid of a problem with getting my side menu to work properly. And what I mean by that is the fact that I am able to slide out the menu using a swipe gesture, but I am unable to slide it back in using the gesture. I am able to click in the main content or the menu button to slide it back in, but not using the swipe motion.

I haven’t modified anything in the project – it’s the basic startup one:

ionic start MyApp sideMenu
ionic platform add android
ionic build
ionic run android

I am running it on Samsung Note2 Adnroid 4.4.2.

When I i run it using ionic serve, it works fine in the browser, though. I am able to swipe in both direction in order to toggle the menu pane. However, on my phone, the swiping motion to close the menu only works once out of 10-20 times. It’s very odd.