Android 4.4 Side Menu Slide no fix yet?

Hello to all,

I know there is problem with sliding gesture to open/close side menu. The following is my device test. Any fix for this? Please advice. Thank you.

Android 4.2.2 - Working Fine
Android 4.2.1 - Working Fine
iOS 8.3 - Working Fine
On Device Chrome Browser - Working Fine

Android 4.4.4 - Not Working
Android 4.4.2 - Not Working

Put this in your .run

document.addEventListener('touchstart', function (event) {
      if ($ionicSideMenuDelegate.isOpenLeft()) {

Remember to add $ionicSideMenuDelegate.
If I don’t remember it wrong, the problem was with android 4.4.x handling gestures differently. I think there was something about this on the docs…
Hope it helps.

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Thank you very much. I’ll try it now.

Can you open an issue for this?

I tot there is already an issue about this I read somewhere just now. I’ll try to find the post.

Done open issue. Hope there will be a fix for future version. Thank you.


Thanks again. But it doesn’t do any changes. Still having the same problem.