Problem with reading mifare classic tags

After latest Android system updates, i have problem with reading mifare classic tags with my app. There must have been some kind of changes, because exactly same mobile (Samsung Galaxy A5) read these kind of chip before the update. Now it just shows “Tag type not supported”. It showed this message even before, but it was reading. Now it just shows the message, and no event is triggered, app doesnt know, that tag was read.

I found out, that some application(NXP Tag info) can bypass this by using reader-mode API, it is mentioned in this post on stackoverflow: []
Is this workaround possible with this plugin? Or some other way to read mifare classic tags in a reliable way?

Hi please let me know if you found any solution regarding mifare classic, i have created an app which reads Mifare Ultralight NFC tags but not the classic. Your help is much appreciated, thanks.

I solve it by using reader mode in and it works so far for me.

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I have solved it with the same phone gap thanks.

I use the tags mifare classic and Mifare Ultralight how i can used functions like Readpage, Readblock this plugin don’t offer this