Problem with NPM / installing IONIC via CLI

i am having problem working on NPM, i have uninstalled and reinstalled my nodejs. yet i am having the same problem.

i tried cleaning npm cache, but i still have the same problem. can this be a broken dependencies problem???

N:B I have been using it before the error started…

this is my ionic info


If you read the output on your terminal, you didn’t actually run $ npm cache clean successfully, you need to run $ npm cache clean --force to do it.

Also, at the end of the first image there’s a path for the full logs, could you please paste here?

This is the log below





This is the end of the log

the way you posted the log made me lol…you serious?

npm uninstall cordova ionic

npm cache clean -f
npm install npm -g

If problems still persist user:

npm uninstall node
apt-get purge npm
apt-get install npm
npm install node -g

hello. Thanks

Now i have this after following your step


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