Problem with list


Community, I’m having a problem and hope you can help me.

I have a list of people, each of them has different data. I have a function that queries a webservice and it returns me some data of individuals. I got the idea to make that clicking the item in person, the information of that particular person is deployed. So far so good with putting together the list of the persons concerned but when clicking on the item shows me all data lists only 1 person. I leave you my code to look like armo my list.

<script id="misCorredores.html" type="text/ng-template">
   <ion-view title='{{title}}'>
    <ion-content padding="true">
      <div class="list" ng-repeat="corredor in resultados">
      <a class="item item-avatar" ng-click="estadisticasParticipante(corredor.i,">
        <img src="img/icon_user.png">
        <p>Ciudad : {{}}</p>
          <div id="datosParticipante" class="datagrid" style="margin-top:10px;">
            <table style="width:100%">
                <tr ng-repeat="datos in respuestas">

What I like to do in each data link for each person with their item from the list.
In “corredor” I get the basic information of the person such as name, surname, id. With its id, I get the statesmen of that person. That’s why when clicking the function “estadisticasParticipante” which returns me the answers under runs. In “data” I get the data and by a table, but more I try I can not link corresponding to the person


Up! if you do not understand what you ask me to explain, I need this help!


Sounds like you should check out the tabs example to see how data is fetched via a factory.


Mike thanks for responding,

Look, I leave you some pictures of what I do and see if it is possible


I have the list of users in this first image

In the second, I clicked on the first charge and fine the information, which should not happen is that the second user is not charged the same information. Should only show if you click on it.