Problem with ionic

Hello everyone, Chris here.

I’m having a huge problem with cordova/ionic.

I have an app that connects to a server and registers the device, plus the push id. Yesterday it was working perfectly, today, when i came in, it doesen’t work anymore.

The problems are:

It crashes, says it stopped working
but before
Livereload not working, network error (access origin = *)

Requests to a non local server end up with a 404

The only thing that changed is:
ionic platform rm android
ionic platform add android, it added with target sdk 22 and it started building with gradle instead of ant like yesterday (it was 21).

Any suggestions?

  • Chris.

Can you check in app.js if cordova is added?

if(window.cordova && window.cordova.plugins.Keyboard) {
else {  

Cannot view console logs too for some reason.

Also starting a blank app gives the same problems, but i’ll check and report.

P.S, tried with alerts, it logged yeap.

If i try with -cls flags (logs, livereload, serverlogs) it says Network error and shows me the IP.

‘There was a network error (http://ip)’

Cordova Whitelist Plugin?

Well, gave it a shot and it worked. Yesterday i didn’t have to do that, idk why, but K, i think this should come preinstalled with cordova.

Thank you,