Problem with ionic build ios


I am trying to build a simple ionic project (sidemenu one).
It did work several days ago.
Now when I want to build it, this is another cordova project that is built (I think this is the default one in XCode).
Maybe my cordova installed is broken.

here are the logs:

Very strange.
What should I do ?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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i dont see any erros.

I have the same output in the terminal and my project works fine.

Yes this is what is strange !
i have created a project test1 with ionic.
Then in the test1 folder I do ionic run ios.
This is the cordova project Alert1 which is built instead of project test1 !!!

Can you post your config.xml file? I’m not an iOS dev, but it might help someone else see if something is missing somehow.

I know that for Android, due to a current bug in Cordova (I think), all packages are named CordovaApp.apk regardless of the app name. But I don’t think this is the same issue.

Hello and thanks for the help.
I believe that one configuration on my macbook is not good any longer.
I don’t know what.

Here is my config.xml file for my project test1.

To sum up my problem:

  • when I create a project with ionic, and I add ios platform and run ios, the cordova build is done not on the local project I have created but on a default XCode project that is in the $HOME/platforms/ios folder
  • I then tried to create a new project with cordova and run the build inside the cordova project folder, everything is going ok.
  • it seems that when ionic cli launches cordova, it does not provide arguments enough and then the build is not on the local platform/ios folder but on a $HOME one with the default XCode project.