Problem with ion-scroll-infinite

I’m trying to update my list every time the user scroll down the list. The problem is that it works once, I followed several examples of this and each had its generic data. What I try to do is go to see a WebService for less than an ID list that sent me, it is why we need to always keep a id as the last. All this works very well, but then I can not continue to update even so, updating the last ID, the scroll is hidden.

$scope.loadMore = function() {
  console.log('Loading more!');
  $timeout(function() {
    $scope.refresh_view = [];
  $http({method: 'GET', url: UrlService.url+'refreshView/'+sessionService.get("user_id")+'/'+sessionService.get("hash")+"/"+$scope.ultima_id})
      if(data.Count > 0){
        angular.forEach(data.View, function(value, key) {
          if(data.Count-1 == key){
            $scope.ultima_id =;
        $scope.views = $scope.views.concat($scope.refresh_view);


  }, 1000);


$scope.$on('$ionicView.enter', function(){
  $scope.ultima_id = 0;
  function success(pos) {
    $scope.latitud = pos.coords.latitude
    $scope.longitud =  pos.coords.longitude;

  function error(err) {

.controller('MisViewsCtrl', function($scope,$ionicNavBarDelegate,$timeout,$location,$ionicPlatform,$ionicLoading, $compile,$ionicPopup,sessionService,$http,$cordovaSQLite, UrlService){
   $scope.moredata = false;


<ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite="loadMore()" ng-if="!moredata" distance="2"></ion-infinite-scroll>