Problem with google play services


When I created project and I done all below commands:

-  ionic start TestApp blank -a "Test App" -i
-  ionic platform add android
- ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-googleplayservices
- ionic plugin add
- ionic build 

I get some error

but when I modifed file from C:\Test\TestApp\platforms\android where I commented one line

then I can build project no problem.

How should solve this problem to be correct? Becuase I know my solution is temporary


@art_base why do you create another topic for same issue

I already gave you the answer on Cordova-plugin-locationservices - error


It turned out that I have two Android SDK Managers installed on my computer. I made the update in the “Extras” in the SDK that is not used by Ionic. After the update of SDK used by Ionic and after removing the plug-in which shares the Google Play Services, cordova-plugin-googleplayservices (recently it is not needed) the project began to build properly and works well now.

In addition I updated CLI Cordova to 5.1.1 version