Problem with fonts


I created an app with ionic framework sidemenu template.

i found that the fonts on the side menu has some issue. some times some letter gets missing.

for example. if i write “PROFILE” its coming as “PRO LE”. sometimes as OQNEHKD ( I ASCII backwards).

this seems to happen only on side menu’s.

i am using ROBOTO fonts from google fonts and i am linking google fonts at head of index page.

 <link href=',500,700,400italic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Does anyone know why is it happening ? it happens in complied version as well as html version. in html view it becomes okay when i resize the browser or refresh the page.

please help


I had the same issue until i switched fonts. Its a google issue with the encoding not Ionic


@mahesheu Are you sure you want to load webfonts from a cdn in a mobile app? The device could be offline when the app is started making the request for fonts fail. This also adds extra weight on users dataplans, as font has to be downloaded. You could package your app with the font included to overcome these issues.