Strange letter deformation on side menu text

Hi there, i’m shipping my app to the wilds and now that a big variety of devices will download and test my app, looks like some devices have issues on the side menu content.

One of my testers have sent me a picture of the issue, and sincerely, i have no idea why is this happening.

You can appreciate problems on the letters and icons of this sidemenu.
In this specific casescenario the client have Android 4.2 and the screen is 480x800

I personally don’t have this issue, though my device is a nexus 5 with 4.4 and lot bigger screen.
The app can be downloaded and tested in

Thanks in advance

Downloading right now, I’ll see what comes up

Downloaded and got this. I think it’s just an issue of the device and how good of a display you have. I was using a motorola electrify m, which has a pretty crappy display.

I get those issue on my large pc screen (24")… if i not emulating a mobile device.
There are some laggy icons then, like the menu-burger-icon looks ugly.
But on mobile devices it looks good - old phones, new phones, android 4.x, ios6/7, tablets (ipads, galaxy tabs, nexus7).

But i recognized one ugly thing - the loading icons (collection-repeat or infinite scroll … all animated icons) or wobbling on mobile devices?!

@bengtler, yeah we know about the wobbling icons.

It’s not in the code yet, but if you set the line-height to the height of the icon, it seems to fix this.

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Wuhhuuu nice.
Thanks a lot.