Help - ios problems

Hi All,

I’m running into some trouble with an app I am working on. Basically, it is running fine in ionic serve, but not so much when running on an actual apple device. I’ve gone back to creating a new blank app from scratch, and plugging the functionality from the old one in piece by piece to see if I could isolate the problems. I have my app hosted in, and am performing the cloud builds with Ionic Pro. The app will launch, but I am unable to connect to the internet. I am seeing a lot of this error in the device log:

: No bundleId for intent: , intentType: , intentSource: 0

The app is built with a produciton profile for ios, and I have set the app id in the config.xml as follows:

<widget id=“com.incredibletechnologies.rememberme”

The error seems to indicate it can’t find the bundle id in the ipa. Anyone have an idea what might be happening?