Problem with displaying standard keyboard emojis android/IOS

Hi there,
I have an application where user can upload feed.
User can add Image and description.
In the description the user can add text + emojis from the standard keyboard.

But when the user adds emojis they are not displayed at all.
What can be the problem?

How can I submit this emojis properly to the server and show them on the HTML page?

Here is my save function:

      user_id: this.userData['id'],
      description: this.imageData.description_textarea
    }).subscribe((data) => {

And here I send it to the service:

    let headers = new Headers({
			'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8'
		let options = new RequestOptions({
			headers: headers

    let body = "method=setUpdateBusinessFeedItem&userData="+JSON.stringify(data);
    return, body, options)

In the DB it looks like this:


I found the solution for this problem.

It all is with the DB charset configuration and the Connection charset config

I am using MySql as a DB so I did this:

Alter the table to:

utf8mb4 / utf8mb4_unicode_ci

Alter the field to:

utf8mb4 / utf8mb4_unicode_ci

And the PHP conection to:


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