Problem with developing an ionic react application on android 6

Hi everyone,
I decided to develop my own application on my Android 6 device using capacitor and ionic react. Following the ionic react documentation, building a blank project and running the “ionic capacitor run android” command on the terminal I get a blank page on the device.
Consulting the android studio logcat I find the following error message:

“Msg: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Object.entries is not a function”

Looking through the forums I found that the solution to this problem is to install core-js by running the command “npm i core-js” in the terminal and add line import “core-js” to index.tsx.

At this point I get a blank page again in the device and in the android studio logcats the following error message:

“Msg: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘get’ of undefined”

Is there a solution to this challenge? Thanks for your help and for your time

you are going to need to provide more information, if it is just a blank project then check it into github and share the link?

Thank you for your answear @aaronksaunders!

You will find in this link the code:

My target device specification are:

  • Android version 6.0
  • API Level 23
  • Android system webview : version 52.0.2743.100
  • System UI version 6.0-1541060755
  • Browser : version 6.0-1541060755