Ionic + react - App works in emulator, but not on actual device

Using Capacitor: npx cap open android
The Android Studio runs the App perfectly, however on the actual device I get the following errors:

2019-11-12 15:56:18.773 6799-6799/io.ionic.starter E/Capacitor/Plugin/Browser: Error binding to custom tabs service
2019-11-12 15:56:18.784 6799-6859/io.ionic.starter E/libEGL: validate_display:99 error 3008 (EGL_BAD_DISPLAY)
2019-11-12 15:56:19.434 6799-6799/io.ionic.starter E/Capacitor/Console: File: http://localhost/static/js/10.780049e6.chunk.js - Line 1 - Msg: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Object.entries is not a function

Chrome Dev tools only shows this error:

10.780049e6.chunk.js:1Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Object.entries is not a function
at e.reset (http://localhost/static/js/10.780049e6.chunk.js:1:33158)
at http://localhost/static/js/10.780049e6.chunk.js:1:89830
at Ue (http://localhost/static/js/10.780049e6.chunk.js:1:90213)
at http://localhost/static/js/10.780049e6.chunk.js:1:14193

I guess you are missing tsconfig output compile, on iOS it’s ok but on android you should
public/index.html inside head tag:

if (!Object.entries) {
  Object.entries = function( obj ){
    var ownProps = Object.keys( obj ),
        i = ownProps.length,
        resArray = new Array(i); // preallocate the Array
    while (i--)
      resArray[i] = [ownProps[i], obj[ownProps[i]]];
    return resArray;