Feature Needed: Cache view when using back button, no cache otherwise


Cache view when using back button , no cache otherwise.

This will keep the scroll position when going back but bring to TOP of a new list when entering the view from a menu/ other ways similar to “forward”.

I see a lot of questions pertaining to keeping the scroll position (just enable cache) but what about when you want to reload data: for me , it keeps the scroll position and looks bad when going “forward” into the view instead of going “back” with the back button!

Anyone else has this problem?

for now i must do (with the help of state.eqpEligibleLoaded which i set when the http call finishes loading the data) :

$scope.$watch(function () { return state.eqpEligibleLoaded; }, function (newVal, oldVal) {
  if (typeof oldVal !== 'undefined' && newVal !== 'undefined' && newVal !== oldVal  ) {
    // $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollTop();  //  <-- this gives error "scrollTo undefined"


Can’t understand your solution. But that’s the behaviour I want for some of my views. Though they’re explicitly set to cache-view=false I want to use the cached view on the backButton transition.

I guess that might be useful for other apps?