Problem while building Android on Salesforce template


Hi, we tried to run Salesforce template found here: Link
Doing exactly as stated in README we get build failure:

We managed to run app by importing it to Eclipse and manually adding dependencies but it’s an overkill. Especially when we add more Cordova plugins.

Please help.


Your Andriod setup is probably wrong, Error says it can’t find android.bat in yrou PATH, check also the ANDROID_HOME env variable. Refer to Androdi SDK installation instructions.


Thanks for reply!
Unfortunately my setup is correct:

  • running android command starts AndroidSDK
  • running app through Eclipse works just fine
  • my ANDROID_HOME is set as recommended by Android page

Are you sure this template works for you? We tried it on three different computers configured by three different people so I guess there is a chance that someone did the setup correctly.


So on these 3 machines have you tried to build a simpler ionic starter app that is known to work: tabs.

ionic start myApp tabs

If you did and it worked then I guess you should report an issue on github project.


Tabs worked. I’ll report issue on github. Thanks for help.