Error: ANDROID_HOME is not set and android command not in your path

Hi everyone:

At the moment to run “ionic platform add android” with console (git) for the first tutorial i get this error:
“Error: ANDROID_HOME is not set and “android” command not in your PATH”

Despite I’ve red everything and after to try over and over again with some potential solutions regarding different forums, I still have the same problem. The issue is not fixed yet.

I’m running on Windows x86.

Any suggestion will be really appreciate it.
Buenos Aires.

I’m not sure, but that seems to me that you didn’t set ANDROID_HOME in your enviroment variables(not sure if this is the therm, I’m brazilian)

Thanks jpmsegurado for your answer! Do you mean to set the variable ANDROID_HOME in cordova?

Yes, I might be wrong, but that’s the only thing that came to my mind

Com certeza é isso, o que você diz. Trabalhando sob o Windows é mais difícil para mim do que o Linux, porque eu estou mais acostumado com os comandos de o consola linux.
muito obrigado por sua atenção!

read this guide from

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Thank you very much sjerd for the guide!
I’ll post again with the results.
Buenos Aires

I fixed this issue according to the suggestion of sjerd,but flowed by the another issue as below:Error: Please install Android target “android-19”.
Hint: Run “android” from your command-line to open the SDK manager.

I’m sorry, but seeing this problem arise doesn’t quite inspire confidence – in any platform. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to develop something (a tool for the masses), without having gone through the process of trying to install, from a-to-z, all the dependencies for getting to a point of running a simple “hello world” application.

NOT having any instructions to install the Android Development environment prior to the simple instructions of running “ionic emulate android” really blows my mind. The assumption one should make from this point on is: “What other gotchas are there?”. “Out of every piece of instruction, how many other required instructions were left out?”. But I digress…

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