Problem to reload cards inside a page

Hi guys! i have a big problem with my ionic app!
i have around 93 cards to show, and it works well, my problem starts when i insert some text to filter my cards. I tested my app in some cellphones: Note 3, Note 4, One plus X, Cubot X12, S4 mini and Huawei Honor.
So when i insert a filter or delete filter, it works without problems (Note 3, Note 4, One plus X, Cubot X12), but when i try the same stuff on S4 mini and Huawei Honor, and, if i write a wrong word (ex.: worrd instead of word) it doesn’t show anything on s4 mini, but we can see the scrollbar inside the view and if i tap the left-side menu, i can see all cards.
it’s very strange guys! Please, someone can help me?

i’m attaching some screenshots
With text of filter right

after erasing the wrong word (Pay attention to the right side, you can see the scroolbar)

tapping left-side menu