Problem running IOS

When I use ionic run ios, is always happening this:

and get stuck. It is a new project and ionic cli is updated.

I’ve had this too it seems to still install it on my device and everything works though. For some reason the this didn’t happen the very first time I ran it on my device but every time after that (even after uninstalling) it started happening. It might be a bug with the new cli because I think I updated from beta 9 to beta 11 but I never went back to check if this was the problem.

Well, now that you said, I think it started near the time I updated the cli…

I’ve also been having this issue. I am running iOS 8 beta 5 and Xcode 6 beta 7 but these issues seem to be effecting people using Xcode 5 and iOS 7 as well.

One thing you can do if its hanging on (lldb) is make sure that an old processes isn’t running (which can happen if you do control + c). You can do this by typing

ps -ef | grep lldb

and if some processes are still running do:

killall lldb

This fixes my hangup on (lldb) however it still doesn’t connect

Platform: remote-ios
Connected: no

and hangs here now instead:

(lldb) script fruitstrap_connect_url=“connect://”
(lldb) command script import “/tmp/”
(lldb) command script add -f fruitstrap_.connect_command connect
(lldb) command script add -s asynchronous -f fruitstrap_.run_command run
(lldb) command script add -s asynchronous -f fruitstrap_.autoexit_command autoexit
(lldb) command script add -s asynchronous -f fruitstrap_.safequit_command safequit
(lldb) connect
Process 0 connected

Doing some research some people have said it “might” be an issue with ios-deploy but I can’t say for sure. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and updated the following:

  • cordova@3.5.0-0.2.7
  • ionic@1.2.0
  • ios-deploy@1.1.0
  • ios-sim@2.0.1

I’d also like to mention that ionic emulate ios works just fine.

It might be something on ionic… Cause on another Sencha project, it doesn’t happens.
Or maybe it’s my device…

It has to do with ios-sim and ios-deploy. ios-deploy has never worked 100% the way it should and has always been problematic.

But why it fails on ionic but works on sencha?

We’re having the same issue. Our build process is always stuck here :frowning:

The same happens to me, but the app is copied to the device. (even live-reload, console and server logs work).