Ionic run ios --device hangs lldb and orphans ios-deploy processes

running the command “ionic run ios --device” launches my application on my iOS device but “lldb” never returns control and just hangs such that no commands can be issued including “exit”.

The only way I’ve been able to exit is via control-c. I noticed that the iso-deploy processes end up getting orphaned and I have to kill them manually.

Running ios-deploy directly via the command "ios-deploy --debug --bundle [my] works flawlessly.

ionic -version returns 1.6.4
ios-deploy -V returns 1.7.0
lldb -version returns lldb-330.0.4
Running OS X 10.10.5
Xcode 6.4

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Other than this I love the platform!

I’m seeing the same here with lldb -version lldb-340.4.70, ionic -version 1.7.6, ios-deploy -V 1.8.2, Xcode Version 7.0.1 (7A1001) same OSX 10.10.5

To resolve I frequently killall -9 ios-deploy

Would it make sense to file an issue with ionic or not so much? Feel free if it makes sense, I don’t understand the product well enough to know if that’s appropriate or what component to file a bug against.

To resolve I frequently killall -9 ios-deploy

Same here. I stumbled upon this bug when I simply connected my iPad to my Mac via USB, and it installed the app automatically. I did ps aux | grep ios-deploy and there were like 30 ios-deploy processes … killall -9 ios-deploy fixes this issue.

Anybody track down a fix for this? I haven’t had time to look into it but have been doing control-C to break out followed by a “pkill ios-deploy” (pkill is really nice if there’s a lot of processes orphaned) prior to running “ionic run ios --device”.