Problem playing mp3 files in my app?

Hi I have 30 mp3 files in my ionic app www/assets/songs/filename.mp3 this is the exact location.

And then I have 30 images also each time I tap the image it will give a sounds.

Now my problem was, is the ionic native audio only limited for 15 mp3 files to play? I always test it from but it only plays 15 mp3 files I already tried ascending and descending playing the mp3 files. But the outcome is still the same.

Kindly educate me for this error I got.

I haven’t tested it but I can tell you you have to unload previous mp3 file from your RAM when you want to preload another one.
There’s function unload()… and you can link that function to your play button and make it automatically unload previous one while loading a new one.


I tested it with 20 audio files and it could play all of them fine… but I’m unloading all tracks as I load new tracks. Make sure you use unload before loading the next one


i already solved the problem sir thanks for the comment anyway. :slight_smile: