Sorry for the basic question but I’m not finding how to do it, it does not have to do for me, but at least specify where I can learn how to do it.

I have a screen with several buttons and clicking on each button will have to be “played” an mp3 file, will be several, an audio I got, now I do not know where to look to have an audio for each button

<ion-content padding>
      <ion-title color="dark">INICIADOS COM B</ion-title>
          <ion-row align-items-center>
            <ion-col><button ion-button block outline (click)="play()">bō</button></ion-col>
            <ion-col><button ion-button block outline >bó</button></ion-col>
            <ion-col><button ion-button block outline >bǒ</button></ion-col>
            <ion-col><button ion-button block outline >bò</button></ion-col>


  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, 
              public navParams: NavParams,
              public platform: Platform,
              private nativeAudio: NativeAudio) {
                this.platform.ready().then(() => {
                  this.nativeAudio.preloadSimple('uniqueId1', 'assets/audio/ang.mp3').then((success)=>{
                    console.log("Carregado com Sucesso");

                  console.log("Sucesso ao executar");

I will be very grateful if you give me the stones, I do not want the fish, but I need help to know how to fish