Problem matching state between elements


I’m using Ionic 2.2.1.

Something strange is going on with one of my components. It’s a simple list of ion-cards each with a ion-toggle in the header that shows/hides the ion-content:

		<strong ion-text color="primary">{{}}</strong>
		<ion-toggle [(ngModel)]="willAdd[]"></ion-toggle>

	<ion-card-content [hidden]="!willAdd[]">

All willAdd object attributes are initialised to false. The problem is that when I press the toggle button, sometimes (50/50 chance) the content doesn’t show-up. If I press the toggle on another card, the content then immediately shows-up! If I press the original toggle again, then the content show’s up for a few milliseconds and hides (as expected to hide).

I really don’t understand what might be happening here. Could any of you help please?

Thank you,