Problem loading example Docs

When I try to load a page like:

It takes forever to load and gives me “waiting on JavaScript” dialog boxes. Anybody else having trouble loading this page?

It is loading fine for me but 742 requests seems a little crazy!

Look at the memory of the page too! It takes 1.1GB of RAM on my computer to run that tab alone with no extensions running! :exploding_head:

Dang! When loading mine goes to 750MB, after loading it sits at 400-500MB. It’s gotta be due to the new demos. I’ve got 40GB of ram so don’t notice it :slight_smile:

Only 6 minutes to load! lol

Thanks for the heads up! We are working on a new component playground feature that we recently soft launched. As you can probably tell, we are still working on some polish. In particular, we are looking to lazily load playground demos so you do not need to wait for every single demo to load.

Does this load any quicker for you? Ion-Accordion Components: How to Build & Examples | Ionic This dev release of the docs lazily loads each playground.

Oh man it’s so quick now!

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