Problem installing / updating ionic

Hi everyone,

I had previously ionic 2 installed on my computer, and tested some mobile developpment.

Today, I want to update ionic and cordova, because I didn’t use ionic since 3 month

That’s the step I followed =>

  • I created a new Folder at my Documents folder (example MobileDev)
  • I opened “cmd” , went to the folder (MobileDev) and ran “npm install -g cordova ionic”
  • I started a new project with “ionic start myProject sidemenu”

I go this error :

“ionic info” give me this :

I tried to follow this topic ( ) , but It’s not clear for me

Any help would be appreciated

Edit : I did too :

  • npm cache clean
  • npm uninstall -g ionic cordova
  • and re-install
    => same error about GIT CLI not found

Edit 2 : we can close this topic …
I uninstalled Git for windows and re-installed it. I closed terminal and re-open it.

Now it’s ok :

Great that you could fix your issue.


Yes :slight_smile: .

Simple question : GIT CLI are now mandatory with this new ionic version ? It was not with ionic 2

It is default, but there is a --no-git option. Read the docs: How to Create A New Application with Ionic Start for New Projects