Problem href


My idea is to click on a tag “A” send me a div with id. But what it does is redireccionarme to a project view. Probe the same thing in any html file and it works fine.

 <nav class="large-12 columns" id="tabs" style="width: 100%;">
              <a href="#antesdelacarrera" class="first">Antes de la carrera</a>
              <a href="#durantelacarrera" class="middle">Durante la carrera</a>
              <a href="#despuesdelacarrera" class="last active">Después de la carrera</a>

I thought ionic automatically redirected to a project view, that’s why I comment here to see if I can fix.


Please use forum search first, before creating dublicated threads :wink:

And also here… do not use href to navigate locally in your app.
Use ng-href or ui-sref of ui-router.