Problem crashing and difference ios/android

Hello, I’ve got problems with my app. I do lots of http get (one in every tab) and in android it goes slowly, it crash, the application goes in spurts.
Another problem, I have the normal tabs in the bottom, but in android are in the top (that is not the problem), the problem is that in a tab, i’ve got other 2 different tabs and in android I can’t view those tabs.

as you can see, same tab (instagram) in the android view I cant view tabs “Ordina x Data | Like”

Thanks.$ionicConfigProvider/ you can force to use tabs on bottom on all platforms
and about http request try to js profiling tool in chrome browser - may be you have some memory leaks in your app

I’ve done what you said about chrome profiling but i didnt understand anything :smiley: What to do?