Probelm in google plus outh


i am trying to login with google plus. Please help me

Authorized JavaScript origins : http://localhost:8100
Authorized redirect URIs : http://localhost/callback


Are you using Firebase with it, most times, the error is on the appname we specify. Please ignore the foor the app name.

most time we write the appname as : – WRONG

It should be – CORRECT

Without the


Thanks a lot for helping , but I am not using firebase


Okay, you can do

$, [“email”]).then(function(result) {
Auth.$authWithOAuthToken(provider, result.access_token).then(function(authData) {})

Please check $cordovaOauth at

The GOOGLE_KEY is a secret you get from Google.


thanks . i already tried this but not working. can u please share some link for verification


This should be useful


thanks a lot . will check and get back to you