Printing on bluetooth printers

  1. I would recommend ‘git clone’ and ‘npm install’ the code first. Play around with my code, understand it and then take the bits and pieces you want to use. Don’t copy by batches from the start because it usually won’t work that way.

  2. You have to connect to the bluetooth printer first.
    This line of code should run05%20PM

  3. Once this has run, you should be able to execute this line.

Please try again and if it is still a problem, let me know on twitter @razmans


Hi @razmans,
It Works perfectly.

Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:


thank you, your plugin works perfectly.
Please, Have you already found a solution to print a Barcode or a Qrcode?


Hi @razmans i am using evolute leopad printer, i clone your project and checked. My blue tooth printer listing out and test connection is successful but when i click on test print it show PRINT SUCCESS alert message but data is not printed in paper. In-build app of evolute leopad is working but with this plugin is not working.Please help me to solve this issue.
refer printer link:


i need to bold and set the size of printing data how can i do this pleas help

Example on how to use, to bold the word “Apple”:


See below for the rest:

    TXT_BOLD_OFF: '\x1b\x45\x00', // Bold font OFF
    TXT_BOLD_ON: '\x1b\x45\x01', // Bold font ON

    TXT_FONT_A: '\x1b\x4d\x00', // Font type A //normal font
    TXT_FONT_B: '\x1b\x4d\x01', // Font type B //small font
    TXT_FONT_C: '\x1b\x4d\x02', // Font type C //normal font

    TXT_NORMAL: '\x1b\x21\x00', // Normal text
    TXT_2HEIGHT: '\x1b\x21\x10', // Double height text
    TXT_2WIDTH: '\x1b\x21\x20', // Double width text
    TXT_4SQUARE: '\x1b\x21\x30', // Double width & height text
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I am sorry but I am not familiar with the Evolute leopard printer. Is it standard bluetooth serial printer?

I have centerm-c960f device please suggest if the above scenario work on that

Thanks in Advance

its working fine thank you

what is the max font size limit

Sorry, but not sure about styling issues (font size, logo etc)

There must be some way to format the HTML atleast. If someone can help, it will be helpful to many

There are mark downs (see above), but no direct html/css styling. It uses a unicode format

Ok! In POS application, I must be able to print the receipt in table, I can do that with but then I cannot find my printer.
With bluetooth printer I can find my printer but cannot style it.
What can I do to get it working?
For me any plugin is fine as long as it works.

Thanks for suggest. Please provide a more Unicode. I try to convert some unicode but did not work. ThankYou

See my response from June 6 above. You have to turn on and turn off for each one

This is the limitation of the bluetooth terminal. You can try to change it to bitmap encode. I am not a specialty in turning it to bitmap encode, but you can try and google it. Sorry could not help :expressionless:

Hi, do you know how I can print via a serial connection to a receipt printer (xprinter xp-c2008) ? Do you know of any github repos that might help me or other resources? I also would like to thank you for your git repo for printing in ionic 2+.

Not sure if its 100% would work, because I have not tried it, but you can try with ionic native serial

In the section where it says

console.log('Serial connection opened');

You can then type


I have not tried it, but do let me know the results.

Hello Friend! I have cloned your project but it does not work anymore :frowning: Could you help me please.