Previous splash screen shows for a second before new splashscreen in IONIC app

I just created an ionic app and previously I added a splash screen and that was working fine. Now I added another splash screen in resources using the command

ionic Cordova resources ios --splash

now when I checked every splash screen in updated.

After I compiled and build the iOS app and tested it shows the previous Splashscreen for a second and then updated splash screen is shown and moved to my home screen.

I removed the platform and added again. I force updated the resource… reupdated with new splash screen still, this issue exists! WHy does this happen?

I found an easy solution on stackoverflow:
"Finally got the solution.

Delete your app from the device
Power down the device
Power up the device, install and launch the app.
It’s not my app issue. I think it wont happen in production version."
I hope it helped.