Previous Infinite Scroll


Hi all.
i try to use infinite scroll and it works fine when i scroll down. But my app not showing previous page when im scrolling up. Is somebody has a solution?

This is my code JS

$scope.loadMore = function() {
            $http.get(''+$ {    
           = data;
                    console.log("LOAD DATA", data);
                    $ +=1;

and this is my HTML

    <div ng-repeat="news in">
      <a ng-click="selectNews(news.ID)">
            <div class="title-list">{{news.title}}</div>

  <ion-infinite-scroll ng-if="!noMoreItemsAvailable" on-infinite="loadMore()" distance="1%"></ion-infinite-scroll>

Thank you


When you get the data from the server you should append it to the existing rather than replacing it.

I have a screencast showing a full example here: Ionic Framework: Building a Feed Reader app - Part 4: Infinite scroll and pull-to-refresh


Thank ou for your reply. I’ll try


I try to use your code. And it works great. Thank you @encodedmirko