How does on-infinite-scroll work( 1.0.0-beta.14)

I have a mark up

     <li ng-repeat-start="flight in collection | offset:(page * 10) | limitTo:10">
     <ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite="loadMore()"></ion-infinite-scroll>

then the filter

	return function (input, offset) {
    	return (input instanceof Array) ? input.slice(0,offset) : input; 

then the controller

 $scope.loadMore = function()
		if($scope.collection.length > 0)
			$scope.$apply(function(){ $;  });

But when i try to run the code the infiniteScroll keeps repeating. I can’t stop it. is it that on-inifinite-scroll is meant for adding one item to the list at a time?
Is the ng-repeat interfering with the infinite-scroll cycle?

Anybody got any answers on this?