Preventing password autofill

Hi guys, i am working on a mobile web Dev project where in the login page i need to prevent the password field to be autofilled. I tried with having a dummy field with type=“password” which is hidden and the other is the actual password filed which is getting filled. I have put the the dummy field ahead of the actual password field. I thought it would work but itsn’t. Here is the snippet of my code.

<input type="password" name="foilautofill" maxlength="25" value="" style="display:none; "/> This is the Dummy field

<ion-input style="display:none;"> <ion-label style="display:none;">Password</ion-label> <input type="password" name="password" maxlength="25" ng-value="" ng-model="vm.user.password" style="display:none; " autocomplete="off"/> </ion-input>

and this is the actual field