Ionic 8 - Autofill Password No Longer Working

I am probably doing it wrong but since upgrading to Angular Ionic 8 autofill password no longer working when username entered since converting to the new format. How would i get this to work? Thanks in advance.

My Code

<ion-input class="login-input" label="Username" label-placement="floating" fill="outline" autocomplete="true" [(ngModel)]="username"></ion-input>              

<ion-input  class="login-input" label="Password" label-placement="floating" fill="outline" autocomplete="true" [disabled]="isAuthenticating||isInit" type="string" [(ngModel)]="password">
  <ion-input-password-toggle slot="end"></ion-input-password-toggle>

Hi, what happens if you add


to your ion-input like the docs show here?

Thanks I tried that but still didn’t work. Also there will be a popup of the previously typed password but its no way linked to the username. There is an issue if you select the password it will populate and show that password even though the eye is on. So still might be some bugs with toggle

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 9.39.16 am