Prev/Next between text fields iOS

I have a complex form that is dynamically generated and elements of it can be re-orderd by the user. The form can have well over 15 inputs, all small numbers that need entering. In a browser tabbing to the next input field works but on a iOS device the “next/prev” buttons in the iOS Keyboard Accessory are disabled. This seems to be an ongoing issue with Webkit and Ionic’s use of a shadow DOM when ion-inputs are placed in ion-items, so until the webkit team fix this that approach is not going to work.

I want to use the “Return” key to allow users to move to the next, I know it’s not ideal and against standards but at the moment this form is a pain to use so as a short term measure until Apple fixes the webkit issue I think this is best. There is also a slight lag on the iOS input field becoming active that makes tapping each input very annoying.

Can anyone suggest an approach to this? The elements can be reordered so keeping track of them with Angular Template Reference Variables doesn’t seem like a good approach, I almost just want a jQuery like “findNextSibling” type thing…

Thoughts would be very appreciated.