Pre-populated sqliteDB does not work with Ionic Viewer App


I created a new app which uses some data base tables stored in a pre-populated sqliteDB. Therefore I used the following plugins:

  • SQLite by Chris Brody
  • DBCopy by Rahul Pandey

The app works fine when I use the iOS Simulator. The database is copied, I can open it, and read the data - everything works as it should.

I also uploaded the app to the Ionic Viewer app but the database does not work. I’ve read some other forum posts regarding similar problems but based on the posts I did not found a sufficient solution to get my problem fixed. The sqlitePlugin is available (I used in the header of the index.html file) but it seems to be that the database is not copied. To copy the database I used “window.plugins.sqlDB.copy”.

Maybe I have to copy the database manually to a specific folder before I use the Ionic “upload”?
Does anyone have an idea on how to fix the problem?

Best Regards