Ionic View with pre-populated SQLite database

I’m developing my first Ionic App. I would like others to view it via Ionic View; however, it didn’t copy the pre-loaded SQLite database that should get copied from the www folder. I can successfully run the app on my device with database access, so I know the Cordova-SQLite-ext plugin is working and copying the database to the device. Is this just a limitation of Ionic View like it is in the Emulator where I couldn’t get the native plugin (SQLite) working also?

After reading the docs more closely, it appears the reason my pre-populated database isn’t getting used in Ionic View is because I’m using the Cordova-sqlite-ext plugin (that supports pre-populated databases) rather than the supported cordova-sqlite-storage plugin (that doesn’t support pre-populated databases). Only cordova-sqlite-storage is listed as a supported plugin with Ionic View. If this is really the case, can anybody respond if Ionic View has plans to support the cordova-sqlite-ext plugin or offer an alternative to copy a pre-loaded database that will work with Ionic View to test the app’s functionality? My app simply has too many records needed in the database to realistically create 100’s of insert statements.

Generally no plans to add or support this - Ionic View is to test apps, not app distribution.

If you want custom plugins, you will have to (and should) build the app yourself. Then you have full control.