Post data true php to ionic

My regular server is in C:\inetpub\wwwroot,
and where i have ionic app is in: C:\Users\Niklas\AppData\Roaming\myapp-6

My php is used for wwwroot, so how can i do to use php for C:\Users\Niklas\AppData\Roaming\myapp-6.
I have no ideé how to do.

Can i move all the files from C:\Users\Niklas\AppData\Roaming\myapp-6 to wwwroot.

I don´t now what to do :frowning:

Sorry but your question is not clear.
Are you using ionic to build a web app or a mobile app?
What’s teh relation between Ionic and PHP?


I´m trying to send data true ionic and php.
I now php but i´m new in ionic.

All my ionics and cordova, git, node is installed in c:/users/Niklas/appdata/roaming/folder
I start ionic with ionic serve and go to id:

My real server is a windows server with iis and php
And if i need to go to that ine i use: localhost or www.

To my question, how can i do to add post with ionic and save it in mysql.
Or can i have all the code under the same folder in wwwroot.

Hope you understand it better now.