Php web application deploy android through ionic command its that possible?

Hey guy,

My manager told me to deploy the php web application in android through ionic framework is that possible?

On my Last project i developed the like restaurant app in Cordova through command line its just html 5 app and i am deploy it android its working perfect.

I am using windows 10 i am install ionic framework.

Please any one guide what to do ?


you can use php functions like exec, shell_exec to run system commands. So you could run also the ionic commands if everything is installed on the server

Where should the PHP application run?
What do you already have?

Can you send me the link where list all command run on ionic framework use for php and thanks for answer

if you have installed ionic and everything else on the machine you run the php script, you can run every ionic cli command.

type: ionic --help and you will see a list :wink: or fly through the cli guide:

I don;t understand your answer please explain me again thanks

Bengt, I understood the initial question that the PHP app should run inside the Ionic Android App. I think you may be on the right track here…

well…, then it would be a little bit difficult here :slight_smile:

Could you please answer these questions:

  • Where should the PHP application run?
  • What do you already have right now?
  • How do you want to connect PHP and Ionic?
  1. PHP Application run on server.
  2. I have create frontend on jquery mobile that’s it.
  3. through json xml like Angular js Http request put post and get.

and what are you doing in the ionic forum… if you are using jquery mobile ^^

What do you mean what are you doing?

And where do your using the ionic framework, when you use jquery mobile???
and what the heck does the topic title mean then…

There is no need to install ionic cli if you do not use ionic services and the ionic framework → install the cordova cli/phonegap cli or use phonegap build (i think that would be the best for you…)

Please see that link

on second paragraph there is link great tool that’s why i am prefer jquery mobile

yeah you can prefer everything but the most things have nothing to do with ionic… also if you want to build a jquery mobile app/web-app…

ask your question on the correct platform…

oK I understand can you explain me what most things have nothing to do with ionic?

ionic framework = mobile frontend framework
jquery mobile = mobile frontend framework

if you use jquery mobile… you do not need ionic framework… and vice versa.
If you are not using anything from ionic --> you can simply use cordova or phonegap cli instead of the ionic cli.

And so you should ask those questions in a jquery mobile forum or so.