Possible to keep keyboard open when tapping on non-input element?


I know it’s not specified in the keyboard plugin, but is it possible to keep the keyboard open when tapping on a non-input element? My current workaround is to refocus an input as soon as the keyboard closes, but this involves a close-open animation.


Hmm, you could add this to your config.xml

<preference name="KeyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction" value="false" />

And try this, but there’s no method to show the keyboard, AFAIK


I already had the preference in the config.xml, no effect. It’s okay, I found the SoftKeyboard plugin which helped accomplish this. Thanks anyway.


@schmoofer: I am looking for something similar. I am trying to keep the keyboard open while switching between two inputs. I took a look at the softKeyboard plugin but looks like its only for android and not for ios. How did you manage to get this working for ios?