Is there possibility to find the nearest device say like you want to find the nearest people through the app and get the information of that person. Similar like in wechat …people near by search.

Can we make app that search nearest object, people or device through ionic v3. Is there such cordova native plugin that supports both in IOS and android.

This is more of a backend problem than an Ionic problem - all you need from the client side is the coordinates of the user (which can be obtained with the Geolocation API). You would then need coordinates from users of the application uploaded to a server, and you could query that to find users that are nearby (comparing the coordinates of the user making the request, to the known coordinates of other users). Something like MongoDB would suit this problem well as they have good support for geospatial queries, but there is plenty of other options you could use too.

Thanks you for sharing your idea and information. However it is very tedious for the server to update the coordinates frequently. If the user moves then the coordinates have to get updated in the server simultaneously as per your suggestion.